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Vigilis \vi-jəl-is\ n. [Latin] : sentry, guard; watchman


This is ADI ISR’s “premium” system, of the smaller, light-weight solutions.  The Vigilis is considered a mid-range system, designed to be used for use on aviation, maritime and land-based platforms, and is a fully ruggedized EO/IR senor suite.


The Vigilis provides MWIR and color CCD video, a laser pointer and laser range finder, and comes with its own command and control system.  This military grade payload delivers rugged/reliable construction, and high-end performance...for significantly less cost than the same capabilities offered by the competition.



This payload is primarily for missions being performed from 3000' - 12,000’ AGL.

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Spector \spek-ter\ v.  [Latin] : to watch; to spy



The Spector is a mid-range payload designed as a multi-mission sensor suite.  While the majority of its deployments have been on maritime vessels, it is also a very capable solution for use on small and medium sized aircraft, LSAs, helicopters, land-based vehicles, and UAS platforms performing missions from 3000’–12000’+ AGL.  This payload provides rugged/reliable and powerful capabilities, and is equipped with military-grade, state-of-the-art technologies.  The Spector comes standard with mechanical gyro-stabilization, EO and IR continuous optical zoom, inertial navigation system (INS) and GPS enabled on the line-of-sight (LOS), auto target tracking, Local AGC, and many other features.



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