Intuitive, state-of-the-art control systems

hardware control features

COTS hardware for inexpensive and easy replacement or upgrade


Wireless controllers


Daylight readable touch screen


Requires no modification to the aircraft, reducing cost of procurement and ownership


Modular/configurable for reduced cost


Powered by aircraft ‘cigarette lighter’ adapter 12VDC outlet


Small, powerful, lightweight form factor


Less clutter in the cockpit


Inertial Navigation System (INS) on the Line-of-sight (LOS)


Electronic stabilization (secondary method)


Integrated inertial measurement unit (IMU)


Continuous optical zoom on both EO and IR cameras


GPS capable









Local Automatic Gain Control (AGC) – Unique feature which manages image when looking into high contrast areas, such as a fire – keeps image from “blooming”, like typical IR cameras.

Extremely effective for firefighting, forestry, search and rescue, dusk/dawn operations


On-screen display providing at-a-glance mission details regarding:

      - Latitude/longitude

      - Altitude

      - Camera azimuth/elevation

      - Geo-reference

      - Time-stamp


Moving Map

      - Street map overlay (optional)


Multiple sensor commands and modes of operation

      - Point-to-Coordinate

      - Hold-on-Coordinate

      - Point-to-Target

      - Stow

      - Observation

      - Pilot Window

      - Drift Calibration

      - Built-in-test (BIT)

      - FLIR Calibration

      - Center Image

      - Image Flip

      - Navigation Initialization

      - GPS Initialization


Target tracking


Wireless video downlink (optional)


Wireless communications for remote system operation from ground station (optional)
















































software Control features